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Although the $4 billion golf equipment industry cranks out new clubs year in and year out, most are designed for the “average” golfer. The problem is, there is no such thing as an average golfer. Everyone’s physical build and swing is unique and each golfer needs to play with clubs that best address how he or she strikes the ball if they are to optimize their performance.

For the past 27 years, the experienced team at The Complete Golfer in White Plains has been working with golfers of all levels to help improve their games. Enjoying business relationships with nearly 70 tri-state area golf clubs, both private and public, The Complete Golfer has provided professional fitting, instruction, club repair, and customization services with one goal in mind, to help golfers play better and enjoy the game more.

One of the most interesting services offered at The Complete Golfer is the “IGMS” fitting system developed by Max Out Golf of Sherman Oaks, California . The proprietary gauntlet of launch monitors, wireless shaft load analysis tools, high-speed cameras, sensors, and accelerometers.
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Owner John Ioris says that properly fitted clubs can make a difference for even the most hopeless duffer because, he maintains, clubs that are too long or short, don’t have enough loft, or have shafts without enough flex, make a bad swing almost inevitable. “The big culprit is side-spin,” he explains. “The more side-spin on your ball, the more off-line it goes.” Shots that are off-line end up in the rough (which cuts your distance) or bounce off trees, into ponds, or somewhere into New Jersey, which is worse. On a short 120-yard shot, if the lie on your irons is off just three degrees, that means the difference between having a tap-in or a 22-foot putt.

Ioris’s facility eerily resembles a technology-laden doctor’s office with a staff of 14 golf-club surgeons. The first thing they do is measure every club in your bag, building a database of everything from each club’s loft and lie angle to its shaft weight and flex. Then you hit representative clubs to get a complete picture of your swing and all its components. Measurements taken with ultra-high-speed digital cameras show ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, carry distance, total distance, and directional deviation.
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I was in the early stages of a custom club fitting session at The Complete Golfer in White Plains, New York on an early July Saturday. My then current clubs were being analyzed when one of my fitter's colleagues interrupted us. Evoking a little-known amendment to the Constitution pertaining to executive golf privilege, my 5-iron was supplanted on the shaft analyzer by the driver of William Jefferson Clinton. Although it wasn't divulged to me why his club was in the shop, I silently wondered if our 42nd president had sent in his driver for pulling too far to the left or, even worse, leaking dangerously right.

But all kidding and politics aside, as the engraved club posed for a photo opportunity, then went on its way, the incident reaffirmed my belief that I was in one of the country's top custom club fitting centers. I soon discovered that other notables including the PGA Tour's Mark Brooks and Donald Trump use the same facilities.

The Complete Golfer caught my attention when I had learned that it was the only East Coast affiliate of the highly regarded Max Out Golf Labs from California.
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